Elementary and Middle School Concerts

One of my favorite types of live performance experiences is the school concert. And yes, it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds – an acoustic concert I put on at your school. 
School concerts are for a special school assembly, allowing for a truly unique connection between the performer, music, and the students. It’s a great way to kick off an event or motivate the students for a program they have been working on, or for the “Leader In Me” program in particular. It’s also a unique way to celebrate success or just have a break during testing week. It’s a great inexpensive assembly for any occasion. 
And, I’d love to play one at your school! 
Let me break it down. A school hosts a small concert where I will come and perform in the gym or assembly hall of their school. I will play a 40-50 minute (7 or 8 songs) concert and do a little interactive  motivational speaking between songs. Not too long of course; I understand the attention span of the students. The talk can be focused on whatever your school is focused on at the time, or a broader concept of "Respect & Hard Work".

Immediately following the concert, I will host a 45-50 minute “Meet and Greet” where the students can take pictures, get autographs and talk to the artist. However, the format is open to what the school would prefer.

 Our only request is, in order to keep the budget low for the schools, the schools must send home a merchandise and promotions sheet with the students in advance of the show. In doing that, kids will know in advance what they will want during the meet & greet, thus the process tends to move much smoother. 
We also ask that teachers help move the line through during the Meet and Greet and assist younger students who choose to make a purchase at the merchandise table. 

* Travel outside Kentucky and Tennessee will require travel and lodging expenses. 
School Concerts can be something truly special that the students will remember the rest of their lives. If you’re interested in your school hosting one, or know someone who would like to, please reach out!



                                                                      Artist, Songwriter, Entertainer   

 Hannah Ellis was a "Governor Scholar" in Kentucky and also attended the "Governor School for the Arts". Hannah remained on the Dean's List at The University of Kentucky while pursuing her music career and performing hundreds of shows in the past five years. During that time she has open for Lee Brice,  Jake Owen, and toured with Dwight Yoakum, Russell Dickerson, Montgomery Gentry and many more. She currently lives in Nashville where she writes songs, and has had her songs placed on artists records like Danielle Bradbery and Russell Dickerson. Hannah was also a finalist on the hit TV Show The Voice, and has played in shows all over the US. 

She has a positive, cool energized acoustic concert for the students. She also talks to the students about respect for others as well as themselves, setting goals & being proactive. After the concert, Hannah loves spending time with the students. Hannah shows the students that being a positive roll model doesn't have to be boring, and achieving your dreams is always possible. 


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